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Swiss Re expects P&C Re underwriting performance to improve in 2021

Swiss Re expects P&C Re underwriting performance to improve in 2021
Reinsurance is witnessing rapid development in emerging countries, owing to increase in awareness about insurance among people and surge in economic expansion of the countries.  In addition, surge in reinsurance developing nations positively impact the economic growth of the country. For instance, according to Swiss RE Group, the emerging countries across the globe will contribute more than 40% of the total economic growth over the next decade.
The Reinsurance market report talks about the competitive scenario among the industry players and imparts aspiring and emerging industry players with the future market insights in a detailed manner. This market report includes crucial data and figures which are structured out in a concise yet understandable manner. The research report covers the updates on the government regulations and policies which illustrates key opportunities and challenges of the market. DataIntelo has been monitoring the market since few years and collaborated with eminent players of the industry to give better insights on the market. It has conducted vigorous research and implied robust methodology to provide accurate predictions about the market.

Les bijoutiers demande de faire une exception aux mesures

Les bijoutiers demande de faire une exception aux mesures
Les bijoutiers demandent une exception aux mesures contre le coronavirus: «Un risque de sécurité en rue»
Le secteur estime réaliser plus de la moitié de son chiffre d’affaires dans les sept semaines précédant les fêtes de fin d’année et durant celles-ci. Cette perte ne pourra être compensée par la suite, dit la fédération professionnelle. « Plusieurs bijoutiers affirment qu’il ne sera pas possible de survivre s’ils sont fermés jusqu’au 13 décembre. »
« Retirer des petits produits de valeur à l’extérieur ou sur le parking d’un centre commercial représente un risque de sécurité et d’assurance pour le client et le bijoutier », explique la fédération.

Jewellery of 'immeasurable worth' stolen in Dresden’s Royal Palace

Jewellery of 'immeasurable worth' stolen in Dresden’s Royal Palace
Two mens breaked into the Green Vault of Dresden's Royal Palace after a fire broke out at an electrical distribution point, deactivating the museum’s alarm and plunging the area into darkness.
“We cannot give a value because it is impossible to sell,” said the Museum's Director, appealing to the thieves not to break the collections into pieces. “The material value doesn’t reflect the historic meaning.”

How Drones Are Disrupting The Insurance Industry

<div>How Drones Are Disrupting The Insurance Industry</div>
The insurance industry is set to be one of the earliest adopters of drones because of the numerous benefits it offers, including better safety, efficiency, faster turnaround time, and reduced costs. Goldman Sachs estimates the global drone industry to reach $100 billion by 2020. Given that insurers today are struggling with an increasing amount of damage from natural disasters and fraud, plenty of insurance companies are aspiring to be data-driven organizations. PwC reported that drone technology could help the insurance industry save as much as 6.8 billion USD annually. 

Insurance companies already employ 17% of all commercial drones. Drones can play a part in all the stages of the insurance lifecycle, especially claims management and fraud prevention. Drone powered solutions also help with real-time insights, risk monitoring, and assessment, as well as improving customer experience during catastrophes.

Braquage d’une bijouterie près des Champs-Elysées.

<div>Braquage d’une bijouterie près des Champs-Elysées.</div><div><br></div>
Une bijouterie située dans le quartier des Champs-Elysées à Paris a été braquée ce mercredi 5 juin par deux individus armés.

Vers 11h20, deux personnes, dont l’une portait un casque, se sont introduites chez Roosevelt Or, rue Benjamin Franklin (8e arrondissement). Selon une source de BFMTV, elles ont dévalisé la boutique pour un butin estimé à 200 000 euros.

Le diamant de synthèse à 800 € le carat - Une nouvelle clientèle : “Les Millenials”

<div>Le diamant de synthèse à 800 € le carat - Une nouvelle clientèle : “Les Millenials”</div>
En effet, seule la personne qui le porte pourrait savoir l’origine de son diamant et pour la nouvelle génération quelle importance ?

La communication autour d’une certaine fabrication « écologique » ou « propre » en plus d’un prix abordable fait accélérer cette demande du secteur qui prévoit de monter la production de diamants de synthèse à 3 à 4 millions de carats, contre 150 millions de carats pour les diamants naturels, selon le POINT du 14/02/2019.

Teen 'earns' $2.7m profit for insurer as CEO for a day.

<div>Teen 'earns' $2.7m profit for insurer as CEO for a day.</div>
Fifteen-year-old Jaburooth Rakshana "made" a profit of $2.7 million yesterday, by underwriting several cases that insured clients from potential risks, such as piracy at sea and accidents in shopping malls, among other possible hazards.

She was playing chief executive officer for the day at Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty, a corporate insurance company, in a student-CEO swop organised with her school, St Margaret's Secondary School.

Kim Kardashian's insurance company is suing her former bodyguard for $6 million over Paris robbery.

Kim Kardashian's insurance company is suing her former bodyguard for $6 million over Paris robbery.
The insurance company that paid Kim Kardashian West after she was robbed of millions of dollars' worth of jewelry in Paris two years ago is suing her former bodyguard.

American International Group, also known as AIG, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Delaware against Pascal Duvier and his company Protect Security seeking $6.1 million, court documents show.
The insurance company claims Duvier and the security firm "negligently, carelessly, and/or recklessly performed their protection, security, monitoring, inspection, and/or surveying of" Kardashian West and the private apartment where she was staying for Paris Fashion Week in October 2016, according to the complaint.
In the document, AIG says the defendants left Kardashian West alone in her room and failed to address and correct several security breaches, including a missing or broken lock, a malfunctioning intercom and the lack of closed circuit television in the building. The company also says the building's concierge "did not have any security training and/or background."

Who Are the Top Rough Buyers?

<div>Who Are the Top Rough Buyers?</div>
Much has been said about the journey a diamond takes from mine to market, particularly as the industry is increasing its provenance claims and tracking goods along the pipeline. While an estimated 80% to 90% of diamonds are cut and polished in India, they’re typically not sent directly from the mining centers to the factories. 

Rather, they stop in the trading centers along the way, with a large proportion of goods being sent to both Antwerp and Dubai before reaching Surat for manufacturing. 
That marks a notable change in the diamond journey from less than 10 years ago. Back then, for example, De Beers sent its production from its mines in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia and Canada to London for sorting and sales. The goods were then shipped to Antwerp and traded before transportation to the factories, with the average rough diamond changing hands four or five times before being cut and polished, one dealer told Rapaport News. 

After De Beers moved its sorting operations and sight location to Gaborone in 2013, the journey changed course, with Botswana emerging as an important rough sales center. At the same time, some traders moved to Dubai due to tax and banking difficulties in Antwerp. 

Jewellery thefts that shocked the world

<div>Jewellery thefts that shocked the world</div>
Thieves in Sweden have made off with some of the country's priceless crown jewels.
The gang took two 17th Century crowns and an orb from a cathedral before making a dramatic escape by speedboat - and police do not yet have any suspects.
We take a look at some of the world's other audacious jewellery thefts.